Sunday, 20 April 2014

Game Character Update: Earthworm Jim

As part of my 'Alternative Techniques' module for college I was tasked with creating an updated character sculpt of a retro game character. It was a good opportunity to continue with my Zbrush practice. It was tough to find a retro character that hadn't already had some sort of fan update, so I decided do go with one of my favourite characters, Earthworm Jim.
At present I've only done a simple 2D to 3D translation of the character. It's still work in progress as I get to grips with Zbrush.

 I'm going to need to retopologise this mesh as I've had some difficulty with the topology around the arms, but he's coming together. As for the modern day take on the character I want to suggest a Crysis-esque Nanosuit.

Once I've refined the anatomy and topology I'll be able to define the muscle fibres of the suit and add a carbon-fibre material through the texture work to achieve the look I want. With this being a mini-brief it's something I'll have to come back to but I'm happy with the progress I've made so far, especially the opportunity it gave me to refresh my Zbrush skills.

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