Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Shotgun Game Model, Work in Progress.

Building on the experience I had creating my Flintlock Pistol game assets I took some time off from my game design project to make some more assets for an Evil Dead inspired scene. At the moment I'm working on a shotgun, chainsaw, and a 3D version of Ash. I just thought I'd share an image of my work in progress on the shotgun.

Obviously there's still a ways to go but I've finished the base mesh in 3DS Max and I'm currently working on the fine details in Zbrush. I'll then bake the lighting information from the high poly mesh to the low poly mesh's UVs and create the materials in Quixel. Once I've used this model in my own projects I intended to sell it on either the Unreal marketplace or Turbo Squid.