Friday, 22 April 2016

Aston Martin DB5 project

I've started working on a model of one of my favorite classic cars, the iconic Aston Martin DB5, from James Bond. This is a personal project I'm working on for fun and my own portfolio.

I had a bit of trouble working out how the spokes of the wheel hub fit together, but luckily I know a car fanatic that has identical wheels on his classic Triumph, so I managed to get some good reference photography.

I'm really happy with the detailing I've created on the tyre, I need to keep this level of detail consistent across the whole model.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Classic Shotgun Pack, Unreal Marketplace.

After a lengthy peer and technical review process my first pack of assets is available for sale on the Unreal Marketplace.

You can find the store page here.

I've already sold more than I expected and I have been working with customers to implement the assets into their projects, as well as making my pack better.

I've started the next pack and it shouldn't take as long knowing what I do now about the process.