Thursday, 12 November 2015

Evil Dead pixel art.

I've been practicing my pixel artwork with a concept piece in the style of a 16bit game, inspired by the Evil Dead films and my recent viewing of the Ash Vs Evil Dead series. My software of choice to work with was Pyxel Edit a great program designed specifically for creating pixel art and animations.

I began by creating a simple tileset to be used within a game engine such as GameMaker or Unity.

Pyxel Edit helps to create symmetrical tilesets with ease that snap together without seams.

I also created a few assets for the environment and UI elements.

My main character is heavily inspired by Bruce Campbell's character, Ash from the Evil Dead, complete with a chainsaw attachment in place of his hand. He's a little more buff after years of slaying Deadites!

I'm currently working on a few animations such as a walk cycle, and attack animations, but I'm pleased with the progress so far. Pyxel Edit is great for previewing animations as you work and has helped speed up the process compared to Photoshop.

I produced a quick mock-up of how all the elements would look in-game, complete with UI elements and a parallax scrolling background.

I'll continue to work on this project in my spare time and I hope to have a working demo soon!