Monday, 11 November 2013

Character Poses and Initial Animatic Development

I wanted to create an animatic from the storyboard I already had, it's a great way to quickly mock up a 'functional animation' that would help when I translate the scene into 3D. To get the poses I wanted, for each scene, I photographed a fellow student in various stances. It just so happened that the hall at college made for a perfect substitute for the church aisle in my scene.

Once I had the reference imagery it was easy to draw my character design around the poses, to portray the character emotion in each scene.

In conjunction with the poses I started working on some of the background elements for my animation. I used Sketchbook Designer to create vector assets of knight silhouettes that will be animated in the background as my knight character opens the cathedral doors. I also experimented with animating and projecting these assets as shadows, on a simple 3D scene, as proof of concept.

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