Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekly Targets

At present I'm working on two versions of my character an organic version and a mechanical version. I've used Silo to create the organic mesh of my design as i find Silo really intuitive when it comes to creating a base mesh. I've always used Max for mechanical modeling and designs but find it a little awkward for more organic forms, this week I've been experimenting with the graphite modeling tools in Max that were added in 2010 but I've not had much experience with them. I really love the PFlowconnect tool for quickly adding loops to your mesh and keeping the volume where you need it on your topology.

This week I've got to finish the mechanical model and begin animating the organic mesh. I'd love to be able to take the organic mesh into ZBrush and add the clothing and detailing with displacement and normal maps, but it's been a while since i used ZBrush and will probably need more time with it to incorporate it into my workflow.

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