Monday, 4 February 2013

Setting Personal Goals

Time Flies 

To organise my time more effectively I'll be setting weekly targets for myself and trying to stick to them. Time management in itself is one of my weaknesses at the moment, so planning how I'm going to use each week by setting myself goals seems to be a great way to improve the skills I feel I lack or that need work.

Tasks for this week: 


Complete my character design research, looking at designs from games like Bioshock, Starcraft II, Killzone 3, and Wolfenstein.

Finish the modeling phase of my work. What works as a 2D illustration often doesn't work in 3D, I've been experimenting with different forms and proportions of my character. Remember silhouette is key!
Work on my character sheet in Illustrator using the live paint tool.

In this months ImagineFX magazine there's a great article on 'The art of goal keeping' and i think this quote by William Stout sums up my trouble with time management at present:

'Goals are the beginning of one's motivation process, and it's essential to differentiate between goals and fantasies or desires'

Setting myself small, achievable goals will help with my motivation, as accomplishing goals is fun, gives you confidence and makes you feel more passionate for your dream.

KISS: Keep it simple stupid! I have the tendency to jump into modeling with both feet as that's what i'm used to, a more freeform style of modeling, starting with a basic idea and playing within Max, I tend to put too much detail into my models too early. I've done point by point modeling previously but working with a character sheet has restricted my natural workflow. I've over complicated my initial designs.

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