Monday, 25 February 2013

Pyro the Pachyderm is born!

Born from the ravages of WAR against their mortal enemy 'The Rodent Race' the Pachyderms needed a hero, that hero was Pyro!!!! :P

All joking aside I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my module, although not finished I've got more designs that I've taken from concept to reality.

I've done a quick render of the mechanical design, he's so SHINY! That's kind of the problem i have at the moment, he looks like he just stepped from the production line, where i want him to look like he's been through the wars. To do this I'd need to unwrap the UV's of the mesh and add the scratches and dents with normal maps but it's something i need to learn.

I'd previously worked on this mini-gun before starting college but felt that it fit perfectly with the design of my character. I'm going to modify it with a couple of gas cylinders to turn it into a flame mini-gun!

The organic mesh has come along nicely although i didn't have time to use ZBrush to do the clothing and detailing.

I love the quality of the renders that can be achieved using Keyshot, it's great for quickly testing materials and textures on a model and getting real time feedback.

I used the skills i picked up while animating my last character to learn more and use CAT (the character animation toolkit in 3DS Max) to animate the organic mesh of Pyro.

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