Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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Giz a Job!

Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and how to apply them to my career is an essential skill. With my work and interests before and outside of college I'd already decided I'd like to do 3D modelling, but in which field? 

I've always loved games so wanting to get into that field with the modelling skills i have already is a natural choice. However the games industry is extremely competitive and the skills i already have are transferable across a variety of industries. I'd be more than happy with an asset creation job as i feel it's a good match for my level at the moment.

The website gives a rundown of the essential knowledge and skills needed to make it in a variety of different jobs within the creative industry.

My current skillset includes:

  • Understanding and proficiency in 3D graphics software, 3DS Max, Zbrush, and Silo.
  • Skinning and rigging using 3DS Max
  • Hardsurface modelling
  • Asset creation
  • A passion for games
  • Attention to detail and the ability to evaluate quality
  • Spatial awareness and the ability to visualise layouts; imagination and creativity
  • Some experience with modding game engines such as; Cryengine, UDK, The Elder Scrolls Creation Kit).

The jobs I'm interested in:

  • Games Design
  • Designer-Interactive Media
  • Technical Artist
  • CG Modeller
  • Level Editor
  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Creative Director

The skills i need to focus on:

  • Working on my drawing skills, particularly in relation to anatomy, the use of light and shadow, and colour theory
  • Organic modelling
  • Environment modelling, layout, and level design
  • Ludological studies, game theory and mechanics
  • Some basic programming, Actionscript, C++, etc
  • Information design and user interface skills
  • Texturing; UV mapping, texture creation and technical limitations
  • Topology
  • Studio working practices, economics, and management.
  • Compositing, post-production

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