Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Breaking boxes

Further education to further my delectation

Life's a funny thing, after finishing school over a decade ago with high hopes and prospects, little did i know that taking a retail job to survive would become my career. It's a vicious cycle, once you get pigeon holed, it's ridiculously difficult to break out of that box.  Retail was only supposed to be a stop gap providing me with financial stability while i concentrated on further education.

Ever since i can remember I've been obsessed with computer games, you'd think at 33 I'd have grown out of it, but my passion has only grown stronger. I've been building my own PC's since i was 13, in the last decade or so, taking advantage of  increasingly powerful graphics cards, I've justified the expense buy also indulging in 3D modelling, using 3DS Max.

Over the last couple of years all the blocks have started to fall into place. 3D modelling has helped me fulfill my creative spirit whilst combining my technical know how. I set up my own homeserver to host games for friends, be part of a render farm, NAS, and host my own website with my portfolio.
The work I've done managed to secure me a place on a new FDA Games Design course at Newcastle College in September, enabling me to follow my passion and break out of that box :)

'Give a man a job he loves and he never has to work another day in his life'

This blog will be kept up to date with all my latest work, projects, and links for all things Game Design related.

If you're still reading, check out my renders and other interests on my personal website theitearooms.com

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