Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Digital Skills Acquisiton

 Pyro the Pachyderm

Well...after being on a roll before Christmas the wind has been taken out of my sails a little on this module. The brief is to create a thin character...really....i just did that? This is where being alone on the course is a bit of an issue, i mean i know i went nuts before Christmas and did far more than was required of a first year degree course but this has really put the brakes on my flow.  Oh well, it gives me a chance to practice my design skills and also concentrate on using Adobe Illustrator. I was allowed a little leeway when it came to my designs...i could do a larger character if i wanted.

I really love the style of the Elephantmen graphic novels, they tell the story of a group of genetically engineered animals, bred for war, and their struggles to cope as they're released back into society after the conflicts, I think that it'd make a great idea for a game.

After sketching a few different ideas i decided to use Elephantmen as my inspiration but with a twist. I decided to set my game on a different planet called 'Pachyderm' where the inhabitants have evolved from elephants, at constant war with their ultimate foes the MICE!

We were required to produce a character turnaround sheet to be used later for point to point modelling in Cinema4D (yuck!!). I've turned my character sheet into a set of stylised blueprints to reflect the mechanical, spacey themes I'm going for in the development of my designs.

Stay tuned....more to come!

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