Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gentleman Character Sculpt

After creating the Bandit head I began sculpting the head for the Gentleman. I applied the same process but followed the reference imagery for this particular character. I had designed the Gentleman to have sharper features than the more rounded nature of the Bandit’s head, and that is reflected in the basic shape of the initial sculpt.

Continuing with the sculpt I concentrated on the underlying skull of the character. He has prominent cheek bones but a less pronounced brow. The ears were created by masking and extruding the geometry in the same way as the Bandit sculpt.

By creating the muscle structure that flows around the mouth and into the bottom lip (the depressor Angil Oris and the Depressor Labil Inferioris) it gives a more natural appearance. The lips are then pronounced by creasing the border and slightly inflating them. Modelling the inner ear structure required studying photographic reference and then translating the volumes to the 3D sculpt. Breaking down the forms I carved in an ‘S’ shape, deeper at the base than at the top, then the branching structure of the ‘Anti Helix’ was built back up with the clay brush.

To finish volume was built up from the cheeks onto the sides of the nose to form the Nasalis facial muscle, the Philtrum was indented, and the nostrils defined.

There is still some sculpting that could be done to take this model to the next level. Wrinkles, skin pores, and breaking up the symmetry will further enhance the realistic appearance of the model.

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