Thursday, 15 January 2015

Flintlock Pistol game asset

I've been working on a new game design this year bringing together all the things I've learnt over my time at college. I want to create enough concept art for use in a Kickstarter campaign, but I'm happy enough refining my skills and developing my portfolio. I'm keeping the game idea close to my chest until I have a body of work to use for promotion purposes, but it will be a first person shooter developed in UE4. My game design revolves around player customisation, especially when it comes to weapon selection, as such I've tried to push my technical and artist ability to create the most detailed assets I can.

Flintlock base mesh created in 3DS Max

The game has an Eighteenth Century setting, and based on the research carried out in the initial stages of the project, I've begun to model one of the character weapons.

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