Monday, 10 February 2014

Illuminated Knight Level: Work in Progress

Having made the building models and terrain, unwrapped them, and begun texturing, my level is starting to come together. There's still a huge amount of work to do and at the moment the stained glass effect isn't obvious, that should come when I enable the edge checks renderer, and add my own custom textures to the sky and ocean. However the tight Medieval feel of the streets and the large cathedral structure are beginning to look like my initial designs.

It's been a huge learning curve especially as I've mainly been left to my own devices with no tuition on the software or even basic level design. However with my own artistic ability, perseverance, research, and hard work I'm starting to piece together the work flow involved in making a game level. I realise working in a studio I'd specialise in a specific area but this project has given me a great overview of the process, and really makes me appreciate the Herculean effort that's involved in creating games today.

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