Monday, 28 October 2013

Illuminated Knight Character Biography

As part of the character design stage and to help realise our characters we were given a worksheet to fill-in with our character biography. Doing this helps to fully visualise your character from it's traits, to where it lives, and what it looks like, but also how it may animate or react to a situation or environment.

Character Bio:

Age: 28-32
Profession: Teutonic Knight/Mercenary/Crusader
Family/Friends: None, Raised by a Blacksmith, sold to a wealthy knight to train as his squire.
Goals/Ambitions: Money/Glory/Recognition
Physical Health: Broken, World Weary
Education: Trained/Raised as a Squire, Swordsman, Smith
Sex Life: Vow of Chastity
Values: Just, Honourable
Weakness: Age, Too Honourable, at the end of his professional life
Flaws: Too old for his job
Environment: Ecclesiastical
Culture: Religious
Gender: Male
Income: As much as he can carry
Religion: Christianity (Faith is wavering)
Hygiene: Basic – Cleanliness is next to godliness
Morals: Chaste, Pure
Intelligence: Average – High, Cunning
Sense of humour: Dry
Obstacles: Birth rite
Talent: Skilled, Swordsman, Cunning
Self View: Harsh, Angry
Ethnicity: White, European
Era: Medieval
Dreams: An End to violence, deal with personal demons, a quiet life, to return home and live in peace
Diet: Poor, Meager
Fears: Persecution in the afterlife
Childhood: Sold and raised by a blacksmith, taken on as a squire by the local lord who noticed his talents

Character Back story

Born to a low wealth family he was sold to a blacksmith for a better life. Forged by steel and fire, instilled with strong morals and a work ethic, his talents at smithing gained the attention of the local lord and was taken on as his squire. He was trained in pageantry, educated in Latin and groomed to become a knight by the kindly lord. The lord however died of the plague and our hero was stripped of his bequeathed land and title by the lords extended family. Forced to wander for years the knight did his best to uphold his morals and fight injustice wherever he saw it. The land was cruel however and our hero was forced to walk a thin line between good and evil. When Richard the Third declared his crusade our hero signed up to escape the despair sweeping through the land, prove his skills, and fight for the chance of honour, glory, and riches.

Obviously I had to create a character that would fit with my storyboard, and my 'Illuminated Knight'/Stained glass window game design idea, but after completing this exercise I feel reading all of Game of Thrones last summer has had a little influence on my character....Gendry perhaps!

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