Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekly Targets

As the first year draws to a close the amount of work that needs to be wrapped up seems to increase exponentially. I've got to bring all the elements I'm juggling together and focus the week on finishing the final details of the current briefs. Presentation is half the battle with bringing these modules to a conclusion so this weeks tasks should focus on that area.

  • Render a wireframe, ambient occlusion, diffuse, and lighting pass of my tank model and create  a render of the final turntable animation.

  • Finish the little bit of texture work in my environment concept piece, and model a few more details, such as barbed wire, rusty tin cans, a newspaper, wooden boards on the windows, and more detritus.

  • Once the modeling and texture work is done overpaint the piece, adding a dust storm effect, darkening down the foreground building, add a tilt shift/depth-of field effect.

  • Finish updating my blog

  • Take photos of all my life drawing, collate them into a word document with a few sentences about each piece.

  • Write a SMALL amount about the process of making my environment concept and vehicle design.

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