Monday, 13 January 2014

Illuminated Knight Cathedral Interior

With a strong narrative already established I wanted to create an opening cinematic for my game to introduce my concepts to the viewer. I'd already broken the scene down shot by shot in my storyboard, created my character, and cathedral interior, so it was just a question of animating my character using the storyboard as reference.
To create the 'god rays' of the light shining through the windows, I used a volumetric light with a projection map linked to the relevant stained glass texture. When the knight walks through the light all the colours should illuminate his form, hopefully this effect should foreshadow the narrative as he is transported into the stained glass world.

I'd already blocked out the cathedral interior for a piece of concept art, I hadn't concentrated on poly count so it all needed to be optimised to improve render times. The cathedral itself was built as a series of modular assets so I went through each one and thrashed out un-needed edge loops. Doing this dropped the poly count from around six million to around six hundred thousand, a huge drop! After this was done I had an easier time unwrapping each asset in preparation for texturing. I used simple textures as they aren't going to be the main focus of the scene, as long as they weren't stretched or warped they should be fine.

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