Thursday, 5 December 2013

Illuminated Knight Turnaround Sheet

A lot of work went into the creation of my character turnarond sheet. It was also a great exercise to practice my Photoshop skills. I used the same technique we were taught last year with my Kung-Fu Druid character, starting with the highlights and shadows and then overlaying textures over them to give a 3D look to the illustration.

I paid particular attention to the layout of the finished piece, setting up guides in Photoshop to act as 'safe frames' on the canvas and make sure all the elements of the image have the correct placement for print or screen.

I'm pleased with the final piece, it was good to practice my illustration and 2D skills, but I doubt as much work would go into a character sheet that was being used internally in a studio where the image would be used to help the 3D artist. To improve the image further I'd need to work on the shading a little more, and 'weather' the character's armour to give it a more 'lived in' look. It will certainly help when it comes to the texture and colour choice of my character when texturing it in 3D.

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