Wednesday, 17 July 2013

UVW unwrapping practice

A major aspect of 3D modelling that I hadn't had much experience with was unwrapping, and laying out UVW's to help when it comes to texturing. Previously I've just assigned individual materials to selections of my mesh or used multi/sub-object materials to texture my models, but I knew that this was more of a brute force method rather than the way models are prepared for game engines, or if you want to paint directly onto you model.
I knew the fundamentals but didn't know the process very well in Max, so I strove to teach myself over the summer. I followed a tutorial by Digital Tutors called 'Introduction to 3DS Max 2014', even though I know the basics I thought it would help with UVW unwrapping but also introduce me to the new features in Max 2014.

I'm really pleased with what I've learnt, UVW mapping is a lot of work that unfortunately is not apparent to those without modelling experience, but it will show in the final texturing, and I'm now pretty proficient with the UVW tools in Max. After building, then unwrapping the Assault Chopper, I've laid out all the UVW maps ready for texturing. I intend to take the model into Mudbox so I can paint it directly in 3D, and teach myself the software. It seems to work really well in combination with Max so I really need to incorporate it into my workflow.

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